RTK Training Log – 07/30/09 – “Medium” Day

I skipped training yesterday as I had a late meeting at work and then had to run to my son’s first football practice of the year. No worries though, plenty of time to pick it up today and Saturday.

Today’s medium practice calls for clean and jerks with the 24s. It’s been a while since I practiced the C&J, and when I last did, it was one-handed and GS-style.

I warmed-up up with rope skipping, which gets my body moving and narrows my focus down from the day’s events to exercising.

After hitting 200 reps, I started my Gymboss timer and did my warm-up circuit for 10 minutes. I tightened my rubber tubing a bit for my squats, and I continue to feel improvement in my knee as I continue to do them daily.

Once I finished my warm-up, I set my 24s up and completed 3 ladders of the clean and jerk with the first rung being 2 reps, the second rung being 4 reps, and the third rung being 6 reps.

In order to maximize the double kettlebell training effect of the clean and jerk, I took Pavel’s advice and kept my rest periods to 30 seconds between rungs and 1 minute between ladders.

After that, cool down with some joint mobility exercises and stretching.

Heavy day on Saturday, and I’ll try to fit in some variety stuff tomorrow.

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