RTK Training Log – 08/01/09 – “Heavy” Day

My first “explosive” heavy day was a real eye-opener. Double 32s will show you just what your made of.   And I’m made of jello right now.

I started with rope skipping and a couple rounds of warm-ups, then went straight to the clean and jerks. My first two rungs of 2 and 4 reps went well. However my first set of 6 made me question why I was using 32s. I was breathing like a steam engine going up a mountain when I finished.

For my first ladder, I took 45 seconds between rungs and 2 minutes between my first and second ladder. These were not easy.

The 2 and 4 reps sets get you breathing hard, so when you reach the third rung, you have to be switched on and focused or you’ll most likely injure yourself with the heavy bells.

For my second ladder, I took 1 minute between my rungs and 3 minutes rest after my second set of 6. By the time I got to my fourth rep of the third rung, I had to shoot a couple quick breaths in while the bells were racked before I could jerk the bells overhead.

You certainly have a sense of accomplishment when you beat that last rung. I can see how this program will force you to grow. Provided you can make the reps and rungs, your muscles will be forced to adapt.

I’m looking forward to progressing through the rest of my blocks.

Viking Push Presses on Monday…

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