How To Smooth Out Your Figure 8 To A Hold

I love the Figure 8 To A Hold with the kettlebell.  Watch as Anthony DiLuglio breaks it down for you.

Figure 8 to a Hold from art of strength on Vimeo.

If you’re just starting out with this exercise, you may find the hand switch a little awkward, and you might have even dropped the kettlebell a time or three.

Now, I don’t know about you, but dropping the kettlebell really interferes with my workout enjoyment, so I came upon a little trick that helps me with the hand switch.  This may be something that’s already intuitive to some of you, but if not, here’s the down and dirty.

As you pass the kettlebell down and back between your legs, pay attention to your hand positioning.  If you’ve forgotten to lead with your thumb and instead, lead with your palm, your fingers are going to be fighting for position on the kettlebell handle.  This is where you’ll drop the bell as you miss the transfer.

However, if you remember to lead with your thumb, the handle of the kettlebell will be parallel to your feet.  Your receiving hand will more naturally grip the handle while the gripping hand will smoothly pass the kettlebell off to the receiving hand.

Then just rip the kettlebell around, up and across your body, catch it on your hand and push it back down (with the catching hand) between your legs to start the next transfer.

That’s it!  Go for reps or time, whatever floats your boat!

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