Snatch Test – Do The Math!

Arithmetic is being able to count up to twenty without taking off your shoes~Author Unknown

I decided to try a 10-minute snatch test today, with the goal of hitting my Rank III numbers of 70+70.  Unfortunately, I’m such a rock-head sometimes that I completely messed up the math as I sought to set up a pace using my
Gymboss timer

I figured that for 70 reps, I’d only need to snatch every 8 seconds.  Excuse me!  You have to do 140 reps total!  Duh!!!girevoy sport kettlebell training

So I started off my set with loooooong pauses at lockout, when I realized at about 7 minutes to go that my calculations were wrong and I needed to drastically speed up my pace!  I knew that I could hit about 20 reps per minute (more or less), so I cranked up my speed and hit 70 reps at just over the 5-minute mark.

At that point I had about 4 minutes and some change to get 70 reps on my left side.  I started furiously banging out snatches, trying to stick my lockouts to my ear and corkscrewing straight down before jetting it back up again.  I figured if I could hit 2 reps between each 8-second beep that I might be o.k., but then I realized that I didn’t start at 5 minutes so my math was wrong again and now the timer was an annoyance because I didn’t know where I was and just snatch!!!!

As the seconds ticked down, I felt my grip strength start to wane.  Each rep became an exercise in retaining control of the kettlebell while trying to stick my lockout.  I made it to 17 reps remaining when the kettlebell almost came out of my hand. And rather than spend the rest of the day fixing a kettlebell-sized hole in the drywall, I terminated the set.girevoy sport kettlebell training

Maybe I should have had that second cup of coffee…

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  1. Jim, I think your blog post has just helped confirm something that I have long believed – as physically arduous as snatch tests are, a large component of successfully passing them is mental. Concentration is an enormous factor.

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