Something Different For Variety Day with ETK

True to my word, I decided to do something a little different today.

I went outside and set up a pick-axe, two 24kg kettlebells, and a 16kg kettlebell. I have a pile of dirt next to my driveway where some old bushes and vines were. I need to level the dirt and grade it prior to planting something new there.

So, here’s the workout:

  1. Pick-axe the pile for 30 seconds (15 seconds right, 15 left).
  2. Got to the 24kg bells and press them overhead. Leave them overhead and walk 100 feet.
  3. Drop the bells to the rack position and walk 100 feet.
  4. Drop the bells to farmer’s walk position and walk 100 feet.
  5. Put the bells down and do 20 push-ups on them.
  6. Stand up and do 25 Hindu squats.
  7. Rest 1 minute
  8. Do it again.

I had planned on doing three circuits, but when I finished two, I was done. I felt a couple little strains in my left bicep and my right shoulder, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned after 43 years, it’s to listen to your body. So two circuits was plenty.

I rested for 2 minutes then did:

  1. Windmills withthe 16kg kettlebell; 5R/5L
  2. Rest 1 minute
  3. Windmills; 5R/5L

Finished with my 20 janda sit-ups and 15 straight-leg sit-ups, followed by my hamstring and lower back stretching.

Another variety day done.

Climbing ladders tomorrow!

Check out the Art of Strength store for more variety day workouts in their DVDs & Downloadables section.

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