The 32 kilogram kettlebell…

…is not quite as easy as I thought it would be.

I had about a 45 minute window to practice in this evening and I thought I’d modify my workout a little just to keep things fresh.  Instead of one hand swings with my 24 kilo kettlebell, I decided to do two hand swings with my 32 kilo bell.  How much harder could it be?  After all, I’d be using two hands, right?

I grabbed my jump rope and did a quick 200 non-stop reps, then did my warm-up circuit for 5 cycles (10 minutes on the nose).  I waited a few minutes to get my heart rate back down and pulled one of my 32 kilo bells out to start my swings.

It felt heavy with one hand, but I’d be using two hands, so “no big deal” I thought as I grabbed the horns and popped my first rep up.  I didn’t use a pre-swing to get the bell moving, so I only got up to about my stomach before gravity and my hips brought the bell back down bewteen my legs.

My second rep was much better as I exploded back up for rep 2.  The kettlebell reached the height of my upper chest.  Much better.  Back down and up again for 28 more reps.

Did I forget to mention?  Today we kick the reps up to 30.

When I finished the first set, my heart was pounding and I could feel each of those 30 reps from my hips to my heels.

I checked the clock and did 62 jumping jacks over the course of a minute.

I waited about 15 seconds and started set number 2.  A little harder, but I was still managing to keep the kettlebell between my navel and my upper chest.

I took a brief 15 second breather and did 11 push-up/squat thrusts.  Another brief rest and back to set number 3.  I had to check the timer ’cause I could get 6 sets with the 24 and now I was wondering if I could get just 4 sets with the 32.

My breathing was getting harder to coordinate with my hip snap, so this set was a wee bit more difficult than the last.

O.K., maybe more than a wee bit.  I still got my 30 though, with about 4 + minutes to go.

Lots of heavy breathing.  Legs/butt really feeling it now.  Time for one minute of Hindu Squats.

Surprisingly enough, these actually feel good as I get a leisurely 32 reps and wonder if I can get 5 sets of swings now.

Check that.  Get 30 “good” reps for the 4th set and we’ll see if there’s a 5th one in the tank.

After contemplating the cracks in my concrete driveway for 30 seconds, I grab the bell and start swinging again.  I appreciate the way the edges of my rubber floormat interlock with each other, as I try my best to keep the kettlebell moving.

Pop!  30  Get up! 29  Chest high!  28 Drive! 27  Again!  26 Chest!  25 Bam! 24 and down to zero.  My breathing is raspy now and I have to do another minute of push-up/squat thrusts.

I actually get 12 this time and enjoy the time away from my burning glutes and hams.

A little over 1 minute left.  Stop?  Or go?  If I stop, I quit.  I can’t quit.  There’s still a few reps there.

45 seconds.

I decide to grab the bell and just swing until the timer beeps.  I’ll take whatever is left.

Form, form, form.  This is no time to get injured.  Focus on the hips, flat back.  Explode up and repeat.  Explode.  Repeat.  Beep already!!!

My wish is finally granted after rep 17.

Walk it off, do some ab work, stretch and we’re done.

Who said two hand swings were easier than one hand?

10 minute warm-up.  12 minute work-out.

The Program Minimum.

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