The Secret To Beating Exercise Apathy

Limitations live only in our minds. But if we use our imaginations, our possibilities become limitless. ~ Jamie Paolinetti


Yeah, it’s that easy.  Look, I know it’s Winter and it’s probably either snowing or raining or about to where you are.  And there will be times when you’ve had a hard day and it’s dark, and that glass of wine is calling your name, and the couch feels so good when you sink into it after kicking your shoes off and maybe you’ll just skip today….don’t do it!

Here’s a really effective way to get your blood pumping and regain your motivation to exercise.  Start with a very simple exercise called the TaiChi Twist:

I like this video because it shows three levels of this movement.  Twisting takes no more than a minute or two but it loosens your body up, relaxes your tight shoulders and gets your blood moving.  From there, start your joint mobility movements, warm-up exercises or go straight to your practice.

The key is to make the decision to move.  Establish your routine, so that the first thing you do when you get home is to change into your workout clothes.  You should be thinking about your program and seeing the benefits of your exercise in your mind’s eye.  In fact, those images and thoughts should be in your mind throughout the day.  Positive thoughts provide positive outcomes.

Wednesday was one of those days for my wife and I.  We came home late, changed into our workout togs, but then sat down to discuss our day.  Mistake #1.  We got comfortable and were quickly losing the motivation to exercise as the clock ticked away into the evening hours.  We came to a moment where it was time to either move or chill and we made the decision to move.  We got up, started to twist and flowed into our joint mobility exercises.

That took the chill off and helped ease us into our ten minutes of goblet squats, halos and pumps for four rounds, which in turn opened the door to our first kettlebell clean and press/inverted row ladder.  The rest is history.

After finishing our ladders, we performed kettlebell swings for twenty-five rep sets with ten seconds rest for six minutes.  Strength and endurance.

Enter the Kettlebell!
Strength Secrets of the Soviet Supermen

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