The Secret To Setting Goals

We all know that the new year brings a host of new goals set by people wanting to lose weight, get a raise, stop smoking, etc., etc. etc.

Problem is, most of those folks never reach their goal. Oh, they give it a good shot.  Maybe buy a gym membership, go a few weeks.  Or maybe they’ll pick up the latest diet book and cut down from 2 Big Slurps a day to one.

But more often than not, those good intentions go by the wayside when life sticks its fat head in the door and takes your gaze away from your goal to more pressing matters.

Like the next finalist on American Idol or the all day marathon of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and “Hey, isn’t that restaurant just on the other side of town?”

Maybe you tried to go to the gym, but the last time you went there was a crew of neanderthal twenty-somethings who hogged all the equipment you wanted to use, and you’re kind of tired today, and maybe you’ll go tomorrow or Friday and make up for the lost day.  Or two.  Or seven.

The reason why people don’t reach their goals?

Their Goals Are Not Specific And Attainable

That’s right.  Not specific.  And not attainable.  “Well what do you mean?  I told you I want to get back in shape.”

Well sure.  We all want to get into shape.

Go ahead.

Get into shape.

I’m waiting…..

O.K., what kind of shape?  Round, square, trapezoid?

What the hell does that mean?   Do you want to get muscular?  Do you want to get lean?  Do you want to be able to do forty pushups?  Do you want to finish P90X?  What?

As leadership guru John C. Maxwell said, “If you don’t define [success], you won’t be able to get where you want to go. Deciding what you want requires you to be specific and make your goals measurable.”

Here’s the difference:  General goal:  “I want to get in shape.”  Specific goal:  “I will do five pull-ups and 100 snatches without stopping using a 16 kilo kettlebell by May 1st.”

See the difference there?  One is vague.  The other is precise.  One is based on a want.  The other has the force of will behind it.

Ready to up the ante?  Write it down.  Make copies and post them on your bathroom mirror, next to your computer, in your car, tape one onto your remote control, put one on the front of the microwave!

Next, tell five friends.  Be emphatic.  Be detailed.  Get someone to hold you accountable.  Then set yourself up for success by applying yourself to a program designed to help you succeed, like Enter the Kettlebell. In fact, take it a step further and get the DVD too.  Need more direction?  Get the Enter the Kettlebell workbook, which will further hold you accountable by telling you exactly what you need to do on any given day.

Then, DO IT!!  Set yourself to the task and make it happen.  It will take effort and sweat.  But as you progress through the program–and progress you will–you will achieve new personal bests every week.  And each week’s practice will build on the previous week.  Your body will begin to change shape and your sense of purpose will grow…until you reach your goal and probably even surpass it!  Get the program.  Get the DVD. Get the workbook.  Make it happen.

Russian Kettlebell Quick Start Kit

Enter The Kettlebell Training Log – 02/01/10 – Week 5

Monday’s swing practice.

-Joint mobility work.

-10 minute warm-up with goblet squats, halos, and pumps.  4 rounds in 10 minutes, no rest between rounds.

-12 minute swing practice.  5 rounds.  45 reps each round done as follows: 10R/10L/10R/10L/5 h2h (hand-to-hand), 1 minute rest between rounds.

-Stretch, relax, enjoy an adult beverage.  Maybe a Guiness???

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2 Responses to The Secret To Setting Goals

  1. Hi Jim,
    Very nice blog post ! I agree – the more clear and specific the goal – the greater the chances of acheiving them. The other aspect is actually “believing” they are attainable and making sure that our emotions and feelings are aligned with the goal. For example – if we set a goal, and then deep down inside have lack of self confidence, laziness, etc., then as soon as resistance comes up – our “mind” will follow our actual belief rather than the goal! So – along with setting the goal – focusing on aligning our beliefs and emotions with our new desire will make it happen!! Very nice blog – you’re doing some great work! Julie

  2. Thanks for your kind words Julie, and thank you also for reminding us to focus on our beliefs and emotions. If you want to reach your goal, you have to think positively and believe that’s it’s a foregone conclusion!

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