Time To Write Your Own Health Care Bill

GirevoySportGymBossTimer“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” ~ Author Unknown

Now that we have (in all likelihood) the great privilege of having government health care thrust upon us, we should all take a moment to decide whether we want to rely on a government bureaucrat to make our late life decisions or do we want to push the envelope and stay healthy into our later years by participating in a regular exercise routine?

Exercise Adds Years to Your Life

One study found that the average 65-year-old can expect an additional 12.7 years of healthy life –- meaning he will live disability-free until age 77.7. Highly active 65-years-olds, however, have an additional 5.7 years of healthy life expectancy –- they will remain disability free until age 83.4.

Exercise is one of the most important things you can do. Without exercise, you increase your risk of a wide assortment of chronic illnesses. Here is a list of conditions that physical activity can reduce the risk for (and how many people have them) :

  • Coronary Heart Disease (12.6 million)
  • Heart Attack (1.1 million)
  • Diabetes (17 million)
  • Hip Fracture (300,000)
  • High Blood Pressure (50 million)
  • Obesity (50 million)
  • Overweight (108 million)

(From – Exercise, Longevity and Life Expectancy By Mark Stibich, Ph.D., About.com Guide Updated August 13, 2007)

Hard Exercise or Easy Exercise?

According to a 1995 medical study, there is a “graded inverse relationship between total physical activity and mortality.”  In plain English, they found that men lived longer if they engaged in vigorous exercise.  In addition, they found other health benefits associated with even non-vigorous exercise.

(JAMA. 1995 Apr 19;273(15):1179-84. Exercise intensity and longevity in men. The Harvard Alumni Health Study.  Lee IM, Hsieh CC, Paffenbarger RS Jr.)

A more recent 2005 study published in Medscape, revealed that while mild exercise levels provide reduced cardiovascular risk, higher intensities and amounts create greater benefits beyond that as well.

“The exercise groups were as follows: (1) low amount/ moderate intensity (LAMI, n = 25), the caloric equivalent of walking 19 kilometers (km)/wk at 40 to 55% of peak O2; (2) low amount/high intensity (LAHI, n = 36), the equivalent of jogging 19 km/wk at 65 to 80% of peak O2; (3) high amount/high intensity (HAHI, n = 35), the equivalent of jogging 32 km/wk at 65 to 80% of peak O2; and (4) a control group (n = 37).”

“Peak O2 and time to exhaustion (TTE) were tested before and after 7 to 9 months of training.”

The results of their research revealed no startling findings; “Exercising at a level of 19 km/wk at 40 to 55% of peak O2 is sufficient to increase aerobic fitness levels, and increasing either exercise intensity or the amount beyond these parameters will yield additional separate and combined effects on markers of aerobic fitness. Therefore, it is appropriate to recommend mild exercise to improve fitness and reduce cardiovascular risk yet encourage higher intensities and amounts for additional benefit.”

Girevoy Sport Exercise Is An Ideal Way To Train For Longevity

Sunday I trained the Long Islander at level 3, which was great because everything lasted 1 minute – both the sets and the rest periods.  After I finished my workout, I went back and looked at the time required to complete the workout at each of the three levels:

  • Level 1 – 36 minutes, 216 total reps
  • Level 2 – 31:30, 216 total reps
  • Level 3 – 27 minutes, 216 total reps

At level 3, with the 16 kilo kettlebell, I was able to raise my heart rate to what felt like a “moderate” level, and move 3456 kilos (7560 lbs.) of weight in only 27 minutes.

Now, remembering that the goal of Girevoy Sport is to move a fixed weight for as many reps as possible in 10 minutes, it’s also important to remember that not everyone has the determination, time or energy to work that hard.  However, working through three GS exercises for about a half hour and combining that with brisk walking several times a week, will probably be enough to satisfy the requirements for mild exercise to “improve fitness and reduce cardiovascular risk”, thereby increasing the potential to live longer and keep the government doctors at bay.

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