To Bulldog or Not To Bulldog – Kettlebell, That Is…

Why the bulldog?  Perhaps one of the most frequent questions I get asked.  Why the need to switch from a solid kettlebell to a loadable one?  “To be or not to be, that is the question” as one William Shakespeare once pondered.  Perhaps the same can be mused about our loadable kettlebell; to bulldog or not to bulldog.  Sure there are the die-hards out there that will never relinquish their solid core kettlebells, banged up and tattered with barely any remnants of its original paint job – its handle worn down to bare steel.  Isn’t that what’s great about our sport, the worse the kettlebell looks the better it is…like a well seasoned pan don’t you dare clean it!  It’s got character – it has an essence about it.  I’m sure we all have those special kettlebells in our li ves; I know I do, but with the advent of our Bulldog Kettlebell my preference has changed a bit.  No longer do I search out that same worn and tattered bell, with so many years of workouts imprinted into its memory, instead, I find myself searching out one of my bulldogs.  Hand made in the U.S. and painted yellow, orange or just plain clear coat for that industrial look they’re not hard to find in the gym, though they are hard to get a hold of as they’ve evolved into the preferred kettlebells for most of my clients.

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I suppose that still leaves the original question unanswered.  To bulldog or not to bulldog?  I of course say “to bulldog”, but should you?  Let’s take some time to go over the specifics of the Art of Strength Bulldog Kettlebell.  First off, aside from the bolt screwed into the side, one of the first things someone will notice is the peculiar design and look to the handle.  Trust me this was no accident.  One of the biggest sticking points in the design process was finding a comfortable handle.  We tried a plethora of shapes and dimensions, concerning ourselves with everything from handle height to the overall diameter.   In the end we ended up with an amalgam of 2 of the designs, what starts out with the curve a traditional handle ends abruptly in a straight connector of the two ends.  What looks so anti-traditional in terms of kettlebell design offers one of the most comfortable grips I’ve ever used.   The handle aside, let’s dissect the rest of the bell.  The kettlebell body is made up of a hollow 8″ globe, designed to have the look and feel of the competition bell.  This was no design accident either; we wanted to make sure we didn’t stray too far from tradition.  We’ve always sought to hold true to the integrity of our sport and the last thing I want to do is introduce something so radical that it hardly resembled anything related to kettlebells.  Adjacent to the handle and well out of the movement range of any kettlebell routine is the screw in bolt used to fasten closed the filling hole.  As I mentioned above each bell comes in 3 finishes, yellow, orange, and clear coat.

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So the question remains…to bulldog or not to bulldog.  Never one to answer a question with a question, allow me to break from tradition.  Would you like to buy new kettlebells as you progress or just add some weight to the one you have?  One of the most attractive features, and the basis for the bulldog kettlebell, is the fact that as a reloadable bell you can add weight when you please.  As you progress through anyone of our workouts, whether they be our downloadable or our DVD workouts, you’ll be able to very simply add or take away shot as needed.  How many of you have heard of the story “Milo of Croton”, that’s the one where Milo gets strong by lifting his bull calf everyday; as the calf gets bigger so does Milo.  Well think of our Bulldog as your own little bull calf, add a little bit of shot everyday and everyday you get a little stronger – before you know it, you’ve got a full grown bull on your shoulders, or should I say bulldog?

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Ah yes, the question remains…to bulldog or not to bulldog?  I had a trainer in my gym the other day.  He came up from New Jersey to spend the afternoon with me, partly to pick my brain but mostly to get some kettlebell training under his belt.  As a progressive trainer he found himself constantly looking for new things to incorporate into his client’s regiments.  Of course kettlebells are a natural fit for any routine and after discussing many avenues for him to take in the incorporation of kettlebells I quickly realized that some of his reluctances where fiscally motivated.  As trainers, having to buy enough standard kettlebells for your clients can be a bit cost prohibitive to say the least.  But what do you do?  It’s at this time that I introduce him to one of the Bulldog Kettlebells we use in the gym.  Without saying a word I could see the proverbial “wheels” spinning.  He immediately picked up on the implication I was laying out to him.  What he saw, and what so many other personal trainers see, is the ability to service your entire client base with just 2 or 3 bulldog kettlebells, in some cases if you’re strictly training on a one-on-one basis you’ll need only one bulldog.

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After months of practical use in our research and development center, known formally as Punch Kettlebell Gym, we discovered one of its greatest attributes, that is its ability to self correct.  What I mean is, when loaded with even the tiniest amount of shot, the kettlebell, due to the shifting weight will alarm you when the bell has come off its natural plane of movement.  Picture this, do a swing where you intentionally put a spring in your arms, as if you’re pulling the bell towards you at the top.  Of course that’s incorrect but I’m using it for instructional purposes only, now imagine that same scenario only with the Bulldog Kettlebell.  Partially filled with shot a posture such as the formally mentioned swing would cause quite a disturbance inside the bell wouldn’t it?  As you can imagine the noise made by the moving shot would be audible as the bell lost its inertia.  That loss of inertia, caused by the ill posture, is what makes our Bulldog Kettlebell known as the corrective kettlebell.  It self corrects.  As your form falls from ideal the bell alarms you as the shot shifts within.  We now use this as a technique when teaching someone the swing.  If they can’t perform a “silent swing” as we call it, we know that there’s something fundamentally wrong with their posture and mechanics and with the motion of the swing being so important to the success and efficiency of the routines that follow it’s important that one finds that silent swing.

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With its made to hold handle, eye popping colors, durable finish, cost cutting affordability, and it’s adaptability to your progress not to mention its built in corrective measures the question hardly seems relevant, but once again I’ll ask.  To bulldog or not to Bulldog?

I think you know the answer.

Buy Now and check out some of the bundle packages set up for the Bulldog Kettlebell.

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