Top Ten Reasons Why Sarah Palin Would Like Kettlebells

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Top Ten Reasons Why Sarah Palin Would Like Kettlebells

1. Kettlebells are cutting edge but have a great tradition. Just like Sarah Palin.
2. Kettlebells are great at cutting fat. Sarah Palin cut the fat out of the Alaskan State Government.
3. Kettlebells make you strong. Just like Sarah Palin.
4. Kettlebells require heart and determination. Just like Sarah Palin has.
5. Kettlebells are mocked by some. Just like Sarah Palin.
6. Kettlebell users are energized and enthusiastic. Sarah Palin made Republicans energized and enthusiastic.
7. Kettlebells can revive your image. Sarah Palin revived John McCain’s image.
8. Kettlebells have changed the world of physical conditioning. Sarah Palin has changed the world of Presidential Politics.
9. “Kettlebells – Hot weight of the year.” “Sarah Palin – Hot Vice-Presidential candidate of the year.”
10. Kettlebells can make champions. Sarah Palin led her high school basketball team to the State Championships.

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(With thanks to Jennifer Rubin, Real Clear Politics, The Top Ten Ways Sarah Palin Has Shaken Up The Race.)

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