Training The Competition Lifts

Happiness is not a possession to be prized, it is a quality of thought, a state of mind. –Daphne Du Maurier

Actually, happiness is long rest periods…

Today I decided to train with kettlebells only, so I did a hybrid CincinNasty routine.

The CincinNasty comes from the original World Kettlebell Club‘s fitness protocol.  It’s the hard version of the Long Islander (sort of).  Where the Long Islander uses the clean, 1/2 snatch and long cycle push press, the CincinNasty uses the jerk, snatch and long cycle clean and jerk.  The contested lifts.

The reason I call it a hybrid, is because the actual CincinNasty uses a single kettlebell, while I decided to use doubles for the jerk and lccj.  For the snatch, I used a 20 kg instead of the 16 I’ve been training with.

I still did 6 total sets of each move, but I only worked each set for one minute, followed by two minute rest periods. Basically, level 1.  However, for the snatches, I still did one minute right followed immediately by one minute left and then rested for two minutes, as per the original program.

I started with jerks, and did sets of 6,7,8,8,8,8.  Then went to snatches for 11R/12L, 14R/14L, and 15R/15L.  Finally, I finished with lccj sets of 7,7,7,7,8,8.

These felt good and easy for the one minute sets.  And that made me happy.  🙂

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