Triple Strength Relief

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Still sore and suffering from some muscular aches, our intrepid heroes know there’s only one thing that will save them –






Kids, Make Sure You Tell A Grown-up, and Then…

Prepare yourself to mitigate your irresponsible misuse and lack of care of your precious vessel.  Yes, you knew it would come to this. And now you need the secret weapon that will make the difference. The difference between existing and LIVING!!!

But Wait, There’s More…

Don’t kid yourself, this is what separates the big gulp from the energy shot, the ten-speed from the turbo, the mini from the MAGNUM.  That’s right, we’re talking about achieving greatness through sustained use of this one, singular moveable object.  One destined to increase your odds of fantastic amazingness! Are You Ready For This Amazing Revelation?

It’s Called…

Kettlebell success with...

Yes, willpower.  The ability to get off your butt and do something productive beside schlepping to the fridge and back for a cold frosty one.

Willpower.  That one ingredient that gets you to put on your shorts and t-shirt, even though it’s only 60 degrees, because you know that in about 12 minutes you’re going to be sweating buckets and steaming up the windows.

Or, when you’ve got some nagging muscle pulls that make you feel like putting things off for the day, you may just need to push the button and get moving.

kettlebells start the fat burning furnace


Enter The Kettlebell, Week 8, “Light” Day

Same stuff.  Getting ready to transition to five ladders of four rungs on Wednesday.  We reduced our rest periods from 1:30 to 1:00.  Big day today, as Val pushed the envelope a bit and used her 12 kg for snatches (first time!).  We went slow and did some static holds while in the lockout position as well. We’ve only got four more weeks on ETK, then it’s time to transition into something new.  More strength work? Resolution?  Strength In Motion?  Maybe some GS stuff?


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2 Responses to Triple Strength Relief

  1. I’m all for the G.S.

    You can go for standard or StrongSport style. Either way your body and strength will change way, way beyond what any other Kettlebell training protocol will give you. Yeah I just said that. LOL

    As long as you design and practice it consistently well, which it definitely looks like you sure can do that no prob, you will experience the amazing results. Seriously! G.S. baby!!! 🙂

  2. Hey Bob,

    Thanks for the input. What’s the difference between standard and StrongSport styles? By standard, do you mean a fitness-type approach?


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