Variety Day — Let’s try Something Different

Once again, I had to work overtime on Tuesday, so I did my variety day yesterday. I was by myself, so instead of the Providence workout, I decided to try the suggested workouts on page 27 (buy the book!).

So I combined Anthony’s suggestions and here’s what I did:

Loaded cleans with the 32kg – 5R, 5L, 30 seconds rest, 5 times

One minute rest.

Turkish get-ups with the 28kg – 1R, 1L, 30 seconds rest, 5 times

One minute rest.

Swings with the 32kg – 10R, 10L, 30 seconds rest, 5 times

One minute rest.

Snatches with the 32kg – 3R, 3L, 30 seconds rest, 5 times

Finish with stretching. Total time: About 25 minutes. Although this workout doesn’t look like much, it was enough to make me sweat and feel good moving the heavier weight. The heavy snatches really made me practice proper form.

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