Viking! Warrior! Conditioning!

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It is the great north wind that made the Vikings. ~ Scandnavian Proverb

I banged out my second VWC workout on the 15:15 protocol. I had planned on doing 28 sets but once I was into it, I though it would be prudent to stop at 24.

I filmed this one again to check on my form, but unfortunately, I used the Flip video camera and chopped the most important part of the picture off–the lockout!

Still, I think it was better this time, as I was more focused on sticking the lockout. I did notice that I wasn’t as focused on hinging at the hips though, and my lower back started to feel it on the last few sets.  Good form is essential to injury prevention!

This one took about 12 minutes and some change (Keep in mind the YouTube 10 minute limit if you care to watch.). I’m only doing one VWC workout per week, so next time I’ll be focusing on putting all the pieces together. And using my other camera.

 Viking Warrior Conditioning

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2 Responses to Viking! Warrior! Conditioning!

  1. Hey Jim- on this protocol I know that KJ recommends “active resting” aka jogging in place and staying loose with good blood flowing.

    From one Girevik to another…

    To reduce lumbar injuries and stress actively squeeze your glutes on the way up without such an aggressive hip thrust. Squeeze those suckers so tight it’s like you’re cracking a walnut between your cheeks. LOL 🙂

    Seriously though do that and the only thing you’ll be concerned with is shoulder preservation(aggressive snatching of this nature is not shoulder friendly by any means) and hand preservation as well. What you can do is perform them more fluidly, as in the Girevoy Sport methodology, and achieve a much more efficient performance based body.

    I mention more in my recent post “The Anatomy of the Kettlebell Training: The Swing” here:

    Outside of that good Max VO2 set. Great blog and keep em coming please. 🙂


  2. Bob,

    Thanks for the constructive comments. It’s one thing to practice kettlebells solo and another to watch video of yourself and start to see flaws in your technique pop up. But that’s the good thing about video and why getting the opinion of a good coach is paramount to improved performance (and safety!)


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