Week 10 of Enter The Kettlebell – Monday

It’s always nice to hit a light Monday after the 5X5 ladders on Saturday.  That doesn’t mean we slow down though.  We have three weeks to the end of the program and our final test.  We’re going to use those weeks wisely and finish strong.

This is my last day on vacation and I was a little cranky before we started to work out.  Once we started moving, however, I was able to clear my mind and focus on powering through our 5 ladders of 3 rungs.

We started with our warm-ups and a little stretching for our lower backs.  Cameron joined us today and used his 16 kg and 24 kg kettlebells.  Val used her 8 kg, 12 kg and 16 kg.  I used my 24 kg and 28 kg.

Cameron and Val are both excited to be pushing the heavier weights and used their bigger bells to do their singles with. 

Cameron has been focusing on not using his legs to help the bell up, and pushing it up in its proper arc.  

Val has been trying to lock the heavier bell out at the top.  I think she’s got it.


I stayed with my 28 kg bell for all my presses.   

Once we were done with our C&Ps, I switched to the 24 kg for the snatch.  Cameron and Val switched to their lighter bells as well, with Cameron using his 16 kg while Val went down to her 8 kg to practice her form.

We snatched 10 R / 10 L and rested for one minute for 9 minutes total.  100 total reps.

Once we finished, I did my ab work, stretched with Val and we put another light day away.

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