Week 11, “Light” Day, 90+ Degrees

We’re starting Week 11 a day late. I got home after 7:00 p.m. last night (Monday) and after a pow-wow with the CEO, we pushed it forward a day. Of course, after doing so, we were slammed with a heat wave, and at 6:30, it was still over 90.

Thankfully it was a light day, so we dutifully forged ahead.

Even though we were sweating, we did our three warm-up circuits and then jumped right into our ladders. Val was feeling fatigued from the heat already and stayed with her 12 kg while I stayed with my 28 kg.

I was glad we were only climbing three ladders, because as we progressed, my form started to deteriorate. By the last two ladders, I really had to focus on the checkpoints for the clean and press:

  • Hips first. On the way down, pull with the hip flexors. On the way up, drive your hips through.
  • Tame the arc. Keep the bell close to you as opposed to at arms length. On the way down, pull the kettlebell down and back through your legs like you’re hiking a football. On the way up, pull as if you’re starting a lawn mower and pretend that you’re cleaning to your waist rather than your shoulder.
  • Once you arrive in the “rack” of your clean, tense your glutes and quads, keep your shoulder down and push away from the kettlebell as it travels in an arc to lockout. Then pull the kettlebell down with your lat until you reach the rack, then “hike” the kettlebell down and back between your legs.

We finished pretty quickly and rested for three minutes before snatching for 12 minutes. Per our AOS ETK workbook, we snatched 10 Right, 10 left, and rested for one minute for a total of 120 snatches. Val used her 8 kg for this one, while I dropped to my 24 kg.

I did my Janda and straight-leg sit-ups, we stretched out and finished.

I have the utmost respect for the guys and gals in Iraq who exercise in that blast furnace on a regular basis…

Cpl. Sean P. McGinty / Marine Corps


Thank you Marines!

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