Week 7: RKC Rite of Passage – Monday

Hallelujah! I am now officially on three weeks vacation. The agency where I work allows only one vacation per year, so here I am with three weeks of relaxation and ETK ahead of me. Let’s get to it…

Week 7

This week we increase our ladders to 5. Our rungs stay at 3 however.

3 rounds of warm-ups with 9 kg halos for Val and 16 kg halos for Cameron and I.

As with last week, I’m using my 32kg for my clean and press singles, and my 24 kg for my doubles and triples. Val is sticking with her 12kg, and Cameron is using a 24 kg for his singles, and the 16kg for doubles and triples.

My first 32kg rung on the left was a tough one and wouldn’t go all the way up the first time. I had to reset and brace myself before pushing it up to lockout.

Cameron managed to get one set of doubles with his 24kg before disintegrating into a push press.

Val pushed her 12kg smooth and steady and is making killer progress in her pull-ups.

Monday is snatch day, so for 6 minutes, we did 10R, 10L and rested for a minute. I used my 24 kg, Val her 8kg and Cameron his 16kg. Total reps: 60.

20 jandas and 15 straight-leg sit-ups, hamstring and low back stretches and we’re done.

Tomorrow is variety day. We’ll do something outside as it’s too hot inside. I’ll try to think of something different.

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