Week 9, Medium Day, 5 Ladders, 4 Rungs, Smoky Air

Hi there and Happy Wednesday! Today was our “Medium” day, and the smoke-laden skies of the North Bay created an orange glow for our early evening workout.

Val had a very busy day, and at 4:30, she was not in the mood to exercise. She took a quick 45 minute power-nap, and was recharged and ready to go. By the time we finished our warm-ups, she was back to her usual self.

After our 3 warm-up circuits, we completed 5 ladders of 4 rungs each. Val stuck with her 12kg for all her sets. After the third ladder, she remarked that the 12kg seemed like it was getting easier to press. I predict that she will be pressing the 16kg for reps before our 12 week program is done.

For my ladders I used my 32, 28, and 24kg bells like last week. On my fourth ladder, however, I shifted my hips a bit on my first 32kg press on my right side, and felt a shooting pain wrap from the back of my right hip around to the front of my right thigh. I barely completed my left side rep, and had to make some adjustments for the rest of that ladder. My mistake was forgetting to stabilize myself and I got sloppy with the rep. That caused me to shift my hips a bit too much and I tweaked something.

For my second, third and fourth rungs, I widened my stance from shoulder-width to outside my shoulders. After cleaning the kettlebell, I stabilized my muscles from head to toe and focused on moving the bell through its proper “groove” as I pressed it upwards to lockout. After lowering it under control, I repeated that same process for the remainder of my reps.

For the fifth ladder, I skipped the 32kg, and used my 28 kg kettlebell for my first, second and third rungs. These went up fine, and I think I may forgo using the 32kg for the remainder of the program and concentrate on hitting 5X5 with the 28kg before I tackle the 32 again.

At any rate, by the time I finished the fifth ladder and our swings, my right hip was fine and the pain was gone. Interesting. Here’s the ladder breakdown:

Ladder 1: 24 kg/1,2,3,4 Pull-ups: 1,2,3,4

Ladder 2: 32 kg/1; 28 kg/2; 24 kg/3,4 Pull-ups: 1,2,3,4

Ladder 3: 32 kg/1; 28 kg/2; 24 kg/3,4 Pull-ups: 1,2,3,4

Ladder 4: 32 kg/1; 28 kg/2; 24 kg/3,4 Pull-ups: 1,2,3,4

Ladder 5: 28 kg/1,2,3; 24 kg/4 Pull-ups: 1,2,3,4

For swings, the dice roll blessed us with 25 swings with 10 seconds of rest between sets for 4 minutes. Val stayed with her 12 kg while I used my 24 kg. In the four minutes, we did 100 reps.

Now, the AOS ETK workbook called for between 140-160 reps, so I was a little upset that I didn’t get anywhere near that, because I was swinging my bell (one-handed) at what I thought was a quick pace. So just for kicks, I set my Gymboss for 1 minute, grabbed my 16 kg and swung hard and fast for 1 minute. As the timer went off, I hit 38 reps with my right hand with the bell at head level at the top of the swing.

In the AOS ETK workbookhere, Anthony writes that the average amount of swings people can do per minute is about 48, whether swinging fast or slow. He also writes that the only way to swing faster is to grow shorter arms!

For me, at 6’2″ with my long arms, I am consistently falling behind in the rep count with my wife and son who are 5’1″ and 5’6″ respectively. With my longer arms, my rep average is closer to 38 than 48. It just takes longer for the kettlebell to travel the path of the swing. So when you’re working through the workbook, remember that if you’re tall, you may have to adjust your numbers a bit.

After my swings, I did my ab work, consisting of 20 Janda sit-ups and 15 straight-leg sit-ups. Val then joined me for our stretching and we were done.

I’m going to do a couple light swing workouts Thursday and Friday, before we hit our Heavy day on Saturday.

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