Week 9 – Right of Passage, Monday, Light Day

I’m having a glass of red wine post-workout, before dinner, and I have to say that after last Friday, today was a snap.

Cameron took off to a friend’s house (such is the life of a 17-year-old), so it was just Val and I tonight. I am extremely fortunate to have a wife who enjoys working out with me and is excited about the progress she’s making.

After 9 weeks she’s noticing how strong she’s becoming and how her shape is changing. I’m very proud of her and my son (we’re still working on the consistency trait).

After 3 rounds of warm-ups, Val used her 12kg and I my 24kg.

Today called for 5 ladders with 3 rungs each. A piece of cake. And very tempting to try to use my 28kg, but after reading a post about lessons learned over on the Dragon Door forum, I decided to stay with the “light”-ness of Monday and stick to the plan as she is wrote!

We move quickly through our Clean and Press ladders; Clean and press right, clean and press left, walk to the pull-up bar and one pull-up. Val does her pull-up and back to the bells for 2 C&Ps right, 2 C&Ps left, two pull-ups for me, two for her, then back to the bells; 3 reps right, 3 reps left, 3 pull-ups for me, 3 for Val, then rest for one minute.

After our minute rest, back to one rep and so on until we finish our five ladders. There’s no dawdling here. Do the reps, rest for the appointed time, and finish the sequence.

I should mention that I’ve been getting a sharp pain in my right forearm when I’ve been doing my pull-ups, lately. I usually do shoulder-width and close-grip pull-ups (with a false grip). So today I figured I’d try something different by using a wide grip (outside my shoulders).

Bang. No forearm pain. I’m not sure what the deal is so if anyone else knows, feel free to comment. I think I’m going to start using a wrist-roller to supplement my grip strength, though.

Once our ladders are complete, we rest for 2-3 minutes, then jump right into our snatch workout. Val moved down to her 8kg to practice her form. I stayed with my 24kg Russian Red today. In our workbook, the dice roll for today was a 10. Meaning we snatch for 10 minutes. 10 reps right, 10 reps left, rest for 1 minute. We followed the prescribed reps scheme and got 100 reps at the 9 minute mark.

Val jumped on her bike and did a quick lap of our neighborhood with our 8-year-old while I did my Janda sit-ups and straight-leg sit-ups.

When she returned, we stretched out and poured a glass of wine as we started dinner.

I’m not sure what I’m going to do tomorrow. I’m planning on helping a friend tear out her old kitchen cabinets and take measurements for a new one. So we’ll see what kind of time we have left in the day.

To get your own Russian Red Kettlebell, visit the Dragon Door website: Russian Kettlebell 125x125

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