Week Four – Building Kettlebell Endurance

Week four calls for 50 rep sets. I thought 40 taxed my grip, but 50 really challenged both my grip and my wind. And I wasn’t the only one. My wife and son joined me and were both beat up by the time we finished our fourth set.

I used my 24 KG again, while my boy used the 16 KG and Mrs. used her 12 KG.

If you’ve been reading along, you know that we do our 10-minute warm-up followed by our “work” sets. Sets one (R) and two (L) went pretty well. Set three was my first warning that things were not going as well as I though they might. At rep 48, my grip was starting to open up and I had to readjust on the top of each swing. Son No. 1 had to readjust at the bottom. Mrs. switched to two-handed swings for the last two sets. With the three of us working together though, we hit sets 3 and 4 and lived to tell the tale. We were all breathing like we just ran several miles.

Having someone to work out with really makes a difference and I find that we help to motivate each other as we swing through our sets. In addition, just having someone to push you to work out when you get home after a long day makes a difference and helps to establish and maintain your exercise ritual. This in turn helps you to achieve your fitness goals.

Having a program to follow is nice too. So tomorrow we’ll do a TGU workout, take a day off, then hit our last 50 rep swing workout.

Just for grins I tried a 32 KG get-up after reading about someone doing their first on the Dragondoor forum. I got it but it requires a lot of focus and concentration on technique!

Time for bed.

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