When Less Will Get You More

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Less will get you more? Howzat?

We moved our get-up practice to Saturday afternoon and I decided to drop my training weight to 16 kg from my usual 24 kg.

While the 24 kg is still giving me a great workout, I wanted to try the lighter weight to work on my form and see how smooth I was with the get-up movement.

We began with our usual joint mobility work to loosen and warm-up the “hinges” for the weighted work to come.

Then we transitioned into the 10-minute warm-up using goblet squats, halos and pumps. Val’s squatting technique has really improved with her practicing the goblet squat. For some reason, she has a tough time with the wall squat, but her form while holding the kettlebell is almost flawless. And she likes the challenge better!

After four rounds of warm-ups, I set my Gymboss Timerfor five minutes and we practiced our Turkish get-ups.

As I knew it would, the lighter weight really helped me focus on my form, and I tried to focus on moving the weight and my body smoothly through the sit-up, kneel/lunge/stand and back down again.

To illustrate how steady my movement was, I only got one more rep per side than I usually do (7R/6L). In ETK, Pavel recommends against counting reps and instead, advises to just practice the movement and not worry about the rep count.

Now, I have to admit that I have a hard time with that concept. Especially when we count the reps on almost every other one of our kettlebell movements. However I can also see where counting reps in a particular time period can lead to trying to best your last workout’s numbers, which can then lead to speeding through the movement and may lead to taking shortcuts which could lead to injury.

So remember quality, not quantity. Quantity will come as you continue to use the get-up as one of your primary or secondary movements. The use of a moderate weight (16 kg) for a short time period (5 minutes) is a great way to keep it in your stable of effective kettlebell exercises.

Week 5 coming up. Last week of the Program Minimum before moving to the Right of Passage!

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