WKC Kettlebell Fitness Manual – First Look And Test-Drive

There’s been a lot of discussion on some of the non-DD forums regarding the World Kettlebell Club‘s soon to be released Kettlebell Fitness manual.  While the WKC has been promoting and teaching their fitness methods, they have been slow to release their written version.

Recently, Rmax Gym released the Official Kettlebell Foundation DVD Series from Scott Sonnon, AKC Master Coach.  The 3-DVD series shows breathing techniques, joint mobility warm-ups, 12 kettlebell lifting techniques and finishes with compensatory cool-down exercises.

Scott’s technique instruction is very detailed, and the Foundation DVD series is a must for those without access to a coach.  I highly recommend it and you can get your copy here – Official Kettlebell Foundation DVD Series from Scott Sonnon

Scott released his DVD set with the blessing of Head Coach Valery Federenko, and while it’s great for technique instruction, it leaves out specific program design.

Recently, American Kettlebell Club coaches were offered a pre-release version of the World Kettlebell Club Fitness Manual.  Having ordered the Foundation DVD series, I wanted the complementary Fitness Manual to go with it.

The AKC has asked that the details of the manual be kept hidden until the actual release date, so I will honor their request in my review. 

The pre-release manual contains descriptions of the 15 exercises used in the WKC fitness system, a section on kettlebell terms and definitions, a description of the program itself, 8 sample routines for beginner, intermediate and advanced Gireviks, and ten pages of the WKC fitness workout log.

I decided to give the program a test-drive and being from Northern California, chose the “Redwood” program to get started.  The programs are set up in such a way that the lifter chooses 3 exercises and a “level” to train at.  Each of the 20 levels specifies the time spent at each exercise and the rest period.

The Fitness Manual also specifies that the lifter use either an 8 kg or a 12 kg kettlebell.  All the exercises are designed for one kettlebell, to keep the cost of training down and to simplify the technique.

I have a pair of 12 kg AKC kettlebells, however the 12 is a bit light for me, especially since I completed the 5000 rep kettlebell snatch challenge with a 16 kg kettlebell.  So to build up my strength and endurance level, I’m using my new Perform Better 20 kg bell that I reviewed last week.

I did decide to start at Level 1 though, and work my way up the levels.  I began on October 30th with my first workout, and did my second one today.  The workout took just under an hour, and I used my GymBoss timer to keep me on track.  If you don’t have a GymBoss timer yet, you can get one here –
Gymboss Interval Timer

After my first two workouts, I’ve met the level 1 goals, so for Wednesday, I’ll move up to level 2. 

I invite you to check back in and see how the WKC Kettlebell Fitness workouts are going and if you’ve been training with the WKC Kettlebell Fitness system, please feel free to comment on your experience with the new programs.

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9 Responses to WKC Kettlebell Fitness Manual – First Look And Test-Drive

  1. Jim
    Was interested to hear about the AKC kettlebell training manual. Do you know when it will be available to the the general public (I’m not an AKC coach). Also, great article on the Perform Better bells. Are you still as happy with them.

    Best regards
    Turby Wright

  2. Hi Turby,

    Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately, AKC hasn’t given us a roll-out date but has said that the final product will be more comprehensive than the rough version they released to coaches. I’ll have a post up as soon as it’s out though.

    In answer to your second question, yes, I’m still happy with my PB bell, but I’m having to share it with my 17-year-old son who’s hogging it!


  3. I am very interested in the WKC program. Is there any chance it will be out soon? With the way the economy is, it is difficult to commit to in-house training or attending out of state classes.

  4. Mike,
    There’s no word yet on when the WKC manual’s coming out. They’ve been hinting that it will be out in the Spring though, so keep your fingers crossed. And your absolutely right, with the cost of gas and gym memberships, you can save a lot of money by purchasing one or two kettlebells and working hard at the basic exercises.

    Thanks a lot for checking out my blog.


  5. i am very interested in getting info on the details of the different levels in the akc. i cant seem to find any sort of workout details.

  6. I understand that this blog post was last responded to a year ago, but I hope that you may still answer.

    I can find no information regarding the World Kettlebell Club Fitness Manual. I have no access to a coach. I have just ordered the Sonnon DVDs, but I need a program to follow and the Sonnon DVDs pretty much just provide exercises.

    Since it has been over a year and a half since you “test drove” the Fitness Manual I was expecting that it would have been made available. However, I can not find it anywhere on line.

    Maybe they decided not to release it? Can you tell me anything else about the manual, and or can you recommend where I can get information about routines to follow, as I am a novice.

  7. Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog! The answer to your $62 question is not an easy one. The American Kettlebell Club/World Kettlebell Club promised release to the general public that same year. Unfortunately, it’s been delayed (don’t know why) and there are many budding gireviks who continue to ask the same question. At the same time, those of us who are coaches and were fortunate enough to get our hands on the first copies, were asked not to reveal the program until it was formally released. So there’s the Catch-22. It hasn’t been released and those of us that have it, have promised not to broadcast it all over the web.

    However, I’ve been training the protocol for some months now, and am at level 15 (of 20) and have written about each workout I’ve done. If you search through my Girevoy Sport category, you’ll be able to follow my workouts from level 1 to level 15. The particular exercises are up to you. In addition, I would strongly suggest you go to the American Kettlebell Club forum (http://www.americankettlebellclub.com/forum/index.php) and sign up. Once in, you’ll be able to ask all kinds of questions to champions and trainers of champions, who are more than eager to help new gireviks learn the sport.

    Best of luck to you and welcome aboard!

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