WKC Long Islander – Level 7

girevoy sport kettlebell instruction novato california “There is not the slightest indication that energy will ever be obtainable from the atom” ~ Albert Einstein

Which is why I rely on coffee or green tea.  Those atoms can be a bit tricky to deal with.

Last Thursday, I got a bit of a wild hair and decided to do my level 7 Long Islander workout with my 20 kg kettlebell instead of the 16 kg that I’ve been working with.

I was feeling strong and thought I’d get a benchmark of where my progress was.  And it wasn’t a bad plan, but it’s one I probably won’t repeat again for a couple weeks.

I managed to get almost all the way through the workout, until I reached my last two sets of the longcycle push-press.  I could feel my elbows getting tweaked, so I decided to letter common sense rule the day, and finish the last two sets with 16s.

I took Friday, Saturday and Sunday off and came back to level 7 today.  This time I went through it with my 16s, while my wife used her 8kg.  Today I tried to relax whenever I could and picked my times in the rack or in the lock-out to do so.  I found that there’s plenty of time to do that with the clean and 1/2 snatch, but the longcycle push-press takes up the entire 1:30 second time period when I’m doing 15 reps in that time period.

My goal for this week is at least one more level 7 workout, and two would be nice, before finishing up the week with a level 8 workout.

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