New World Kettlebell Club Rankings

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Goal 1 – Rank VII Rank IV

As I posted previously, the World Kettlebell Club modified their rank structure to include kettlebells lighter than the usual competition weights.  You can see the new tables here:

On Friday, instead of my regular kettlebell fitness workout, I decided to try the rank IV test (12 kg kettlebells).  According to the tables, for my weight (185 lbs.) I needed to do 68 jerks and 60/60 snatches.  I set my Gymboss timer up to beep every 8 seconds and went outside to use my wallclock in the garage for the 10 minute time limit.

After chalking up my bells, I hit my timer and went for 10.  I haven’t used two kettlebells for regular workouts in some time, but I think my fitness workouts with the 16 kg prepped me well enough.  My result was 75 jerks in 10 minutes, however, I actually went for 12 minutes when I lost sight of the clock due to glare on the face of the clock from the afternoon sun.  (My 12 minute jerk total was 90)

I took a 10-minute rest and re-set my timer for 10 minutes.  After chalking my hands and kettlebell, I started with my right hand and went for 60 reps.  I paused in the lockout, glanced at my timer and saw that I had a little over a minute and a half to go, so I did10 more reps and switched hands.  I then went until the timer sounded, getting 113 reps for the left side.  Goal complete (and then some)!

Next Steps?

I’m going to continue to work on my kettlebell fitness workouts two times a week, starting with level 14 (1’30” rest periods) with the 16 kg on Monday.  On Fridays, I’m going to start using my 20 kg bell and begin the same routine at level 1.

Once I hit level 12 or 13 with the 20 kg, I’ll test for Rank III.  I’ve decided I’m not going to jump up in weight yet and instead, continue my steady progress.  Howwever I feel that the once-a-week heavier workout will actually complement the other.

My goal is to make rank I by the end of December (figuring three months for each step).  This will allow some extra days for difficult levels, vacation, missed workouts, etc.  Then I’ll have to get a 28 kg bell and work up to CMS.

I hope you’ll stay with me as I continue to improve my fitness with Girevoy Sport!


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2 Responses to New World Kettlebell Club Rankings

  1. Congrats on making IV. I think the new ranking structure provides for more direction for folks like myself who need to be told what to do.

    I’m waiting for the Fitness Trainer License course to be held out here in the Pacific Northwest to nail down technique and get the Fitness Protocol guide so I can start working towards rank. Presently, it’s just one ETK after another till then.

  2. Mark,

    You’re going to be one strong s.o.b when you start. I wish AKC would get on the ball and get their book out. I really can’t understand the delay.


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